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    Road trip!!!

    I've been pretty quiet for awhile, trying to get my bearings and wits about me, but now it's time to shout from the rooftops: I'm going on a road trip!!

    I'll be attending the Fall Foliage Bead Retreat in Avon, Connecticut October 20-23. My beautiful, talented friend, Amy Blevins, is the coordinator of this event, and I'm so very proud of her for all the hard work and exciting things she's doing.  

    I cannot begin to tell you just how excited I am to attend this event, but of course, I'm going to try!  The instructors this year are Marcia Decoster, Kimberly Stathis, Shelley Nybakke, and Amy Blevins.  In other words, I'll be personally talking with and learning from an all-star lineup!  The projects are out of this world, dripping with crystals and pearls and all things sparkly.  


    My travel buddies and I have been conspiring for weeks, discussing supply lists, beading challenge updates, and snacks.  It's certainly going to be a beautiful ride, as the leaves are at peak between here and there.  Oh, and the hotel...my heavens, the hotel...

      Needless to say, I'm looking forward to this event, as I'm sure to learn some new techniques, different ways to construct pieces, and work with beadweaving more extensively than I ever have.  It's going to be a learning experience and a chance to meet new friends and rekindle old friendships. 

    I have to thank the  say a HUGE thank you to some folks who have helped me with this endeavor:  This activity is made possible in part by the Artist Development grant program administered by The Arts Council Of The Southern Finger Lakes and funded by the Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes, Inc.  I'm most appreciative of their support! 

    Follow me on Facebook (SoulshineStudio Corning) and Instagram (SoulshineStudioCorning) as I experience the Fall Foliage Bead Retreat. 


    Back in the saddle again!

    I've had a long transition period, and frankly it didn't go as planned. 

    I thought "Hey, this is going to be fine.  I'm strong, adaptable, and not afraid of hard work.  I have a plan, an exciting future, and I'm happy about it. I've got everything under control."  Well, that's a laugh.

    As I watched my shop clear out of beads, jewelry, and even furniture, my heart was breaking.  My dream was ending, disappearing slowly before my eyes.  I had a difficult time as people came in asking for more discounts, more free lessons, and special deals for "good customers".   It's devestating, watching your love, your beautiful shop being trivialized as customers who rarely darkened my doors swooped in, taking as much as they could while begging for more.  Think about it for a minute.  Let it swirl around in your head, objectively. It's an ugly thought. I am not blameless, I've done it too, not realizing in the moment (who doesn't love a good sale, especially a closeout sale, right?) how hurtful it may be.  

    Consumers have been trained by the big box stores to wait for that sale to spend money. We know something different is on sale each week.  We can count on it as sure as the sun rising each day. We don't understand that while they're shoving coupons in our faces, we're being played. Their prices are higher, their products are lower quality, and we're acknowledging with the Pavlovian responses they want.  It's a truth that I struggle with like anyone else.  I'm on a budget, I use coupons. I get it, really I do.  I hate to see things like quilt shops, knitting shops, and bead shops, get crushed in the process.  It's all about the good deal, the cheap finds, and rather than shopping for what we need, we shop for what's on sale in the moment.  The creative shops that thrived not long ago are being killed, all for the sake of a precious dollar. 

    I am now in a better headspace, where i can more freely accept custom work and sales from those that appreciate solid, creative handwork and top quality beads and materials, while gently declining the work that I know will be bargained and full of hassle.  It's a relief, knowing I don't have to explain the worth of my work.  I understand I'll sell less, and it takes more effort, but it's worth it.  I'm worth it, my art is worth it, and I'm not afraid to say so any longer. 

    I love my administrative job at 171 Cedar Arts Center, which has already taught me many things and forced me to step up in areas that I'm weak.  I'm thankful for a supportive husband and family who loved me through this transition, and grateful for my friends, whether they listened to my constant whining and crying, or just sent a message saying "Hey, I'm here and I get it. You're going to be ok."   And, to the customers that truly cared about Soulshine Studio Bead Shop, I am indebted to you.  You made me smile, laugh and create every day the brick and mortar shop was open.   It doesn't get better than that, my friends. 

    You can still find Soulshine Studio jewelry, kits, and some beads and products on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and this website. I'll be out teaching in bead shops and retreats, and you can find me at art/craft fairs.  Always feel free to drop me a note at SoulshineArtist@gmail.com.  

    Let your soul shine, always! 



    It's Cyber Monday, already!  Time has flown so very quickly, I can't even believe it.  I've been busy creating kits, new projects, and building up the shop for you to enjoy.  We've got new classes, and birthday parties are a big hit here.  

    To shop Soulshine Studio, go to  https://www.etsy.com/shop/SoulshineStudioNY    When you're finished shopping, type HOLIDAY in the coupon code for your discount!  Happy shopping!!



    The Big Move!!

    We've moved!  We closed the shop March 29-31 for the move, and opened in the new space at 26 East Market Street on April 1!  It was tough, and I was exhausted, but when my family and friends get together, boy do they get things done!!!  I'm so grateful to everyone for the parts they played in the move!!  

    So we're open with even more good things to offer.  I've added living lockets to the stock, and they've been so popular just in the first week!  These lockets are glass, and come in different sizes, shapes, and finishes. You can then add living lockets charms to make it your own - baby's feet, birthstones, inspirational words, and all kinds of charms!  

    Classes are revving up again, with bead weaving, crystal clay, and some mixed media projects. Click on the "classes" link for more information!

    Parties are also booking out quickly.  Check out the Parties link for information on parties of all types (corporate, birthday, girls night out).  Projects have been updated and remember, you can always request your own project.

    Bridal and prom requests are coming in as well.  Stop in to see some examples of jewelry, brooch bouquets, and other accessories custom designed just for you!


    Thanks for all your support.  I"m so grateful to everyone for the part you play in my life! 

    Bead Happy!



    Book Review - Katie Dean's Beaded Christmas Series

    I've had the pleasure of reading Katie Dean's Beaded Christmas series of ebooks: Beaded Christmas Table, Beaded Christmas Decorations and Beaded Christmas Gifts and Cards. If you're looking for some great Christmas projects, these books are for you!  They all start off describing basic tools, supplies, and tips to help you make your projects with ease.  Her descriptions are clear and Katie is thorough with listing supplies you'll need.  There are video tutorials that are fabulous: they are easy to understand and show the basic techniques that you need for the projects. I absolutely appreciate these videos. And the beading tips and written techniques 


    Beaded Christmas Table walks us through projects that are great for decorating your holiday table. Napkin rings, place cards and centerpieces are included in this book and are cute! Beaded Christmas Decorations offers decorations for the tree, stockings, and the home in general.  Beaded Christmas Gifts and Cards showcases cards that you make which include a handmade beaded ornament for the recipient. She walks you through the card making process as well as the ornament weaving. Then she gives a couple of projects for 'her' and 'him', and they can be personalized as well. 

    At the end of each book Katie give you a graph to copy to make your own designs. She also has supplied an alphabet graph for you to personalize the projects. 

    Also, in each book she highlights both beadweaving and French beading. I've never done French beading, and it was interesting to read about. I'm not so intimidated by the technique now, and I'll have to try it.  I love the bell ornaments and the scatter stars, too.  

    If you're looking for holiday themed projects, I would recommend these ebooks - they're really good for beginners, as the projects are explained very clearly and thoroughly. The projects can be adjusted and personalized by the intermediate student, and an advanced beader can enjoy the projects as presented or use them as a springboard to develp their own ideas.  Wonderful books!